This project was a brand activation campaign created for Desigual at the renown music festival Sónar.
Along with their team I helped building the look & feel for all the visual pieces created to communicate this action on social media, as well as the social media strategy.

Creative /
Art Direction

Sónar 2019,

Mark @ale.e.sha #sonar2019 @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide @clara.berry @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @macabeso @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide @uglyworldwide
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